AJ 8.r. Správné znění z týdne od 8.6. – 14.6.2020 Janušová


AJ 8.r. Správné znění z týdne od 8. 6. – 14. 6. 2020 Janušová


str. 70


Smart Alec  is trying to catch the thieves.

Sweet Sue was going home when  she saw a door was open.



1             False. He has been there every night this week.

2             It doesn´t  say.

3             THe tries not to fall asleep.

4             False. He falls asleep.

5             False. It´s  Friday. Sweet Sue says it´s Saturday tomorrow.

6             True. She pushes the alarm switch, the alarm goes off and the police come.

7             False. The thieves are in the police car and Smart Alec is congratulating Sweet Sue.

8             True. Smart Alec suggests it and Sweet Sue agrees.


str. 71


I must stay awake. I mustn´t fall asleep.



We must cath those thieves.

You mustn´t touch the switch.

I must go and have a look.



1             We must catch those thieves. (It´s neceséry.)

2             You mustn´t touch that switch. (Don´t touch it.)

3             You don´t have to stay here again tonight. (It isn´t neceséry.)



no smoking – in a building, e.g. restaurant

no talking – in a library

traffic lights – in a street

no photos – in a museum

no touching – in a museum

walk / don´t walk  –  in a street

no swimming – by a river, lake or on the beach

Customs – at the airport

wear a hard hat  – on a building site


1             You mustn´t smoke.

2             You mustn´t talk. / You must keep quiet.

3             You must stop. / You mustn´t go.

4             You mustn´t také photographs.

5             You mustn´t touch anything.

6             You must stop. / You mustn´t go.

7             You mustn´t turn left.

8             You mustn´t swim  / go swimming.

9             You must show your pasport.

10           You must wear a hard hat.

Pracovní sešit

str. 56


2             You mustn´t go in here.

3             You must stop.

4             You mustn´t  touch the statue.

5             You must take your shoes off.

6             You mustn´t play football here.

7             You must wear your seatbelt.

8             You mustn´t use a mobile phone.


cv.2 a 3


Sami podle sebe ( own answers ).


str. 57


2             has to

3             has to

4             doesn´t have to

5             doesn´t have to

6             has to

7             doesn´t have to

8             has to



2             I have to / don´t have to make my own breakfast.

3             I have to / don´t have to feed the dog.

4             I have to / don´t have to take the bus to school.

5             I have to / don´t have to arrive at school by half past eight.

6             I have to / don´t have to help with the housework.

7             I have to / don´t have to go to bed before  nine  o´clock.

8             I have to / don´t have to get up early on Saturdays.